Call for Collaborators!

My hypothesis is that custom-made visual design applications for feature and entry-level smart phones can enhance South African students' tech literacies in the formal realm, as well as influence the cultivatation of functional (if not accredited) visual designers who can design on, and for, the mobile platform. My idea is to consolidate design methods and literacies taught in formal education, with the technological ecologies available to young people in their personal lives, and host participatory design workshops for innovative thinking around the technical constraints of mobile phones to design such an application for entry level smart phone handsets. In support of this, I have seen young people who have successfully "hacked" their way through severe resource constraints to start up creative micro enterprises primary based on mobile phones: fashion designers, graphic designers, artists, and musicians who have succesfully harnessed Mxit, Whatsapp, Facebook and MMS to futher their creative pursuits - and are often not only selling and displaying designed artifacts, but crafting representations of self and expressing embodied cultures. If this sounds like something you can help with, drop me a line.