Field Site woes

I’ve recently thought a lot about my field site and the logistics of revisiting sites that I have cultivated for the last 2 years.  Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps it is time to pick up my roots and relocate.  The reasons for this decision are cumulative:From a logistical point of view, Delft and Ocean View are too far to spend any considerable amount of time there.  As I’m intending to work with school-age children, the amount of time is limited as it – the 2 hours after they come home from school and I have to leave. For this reason, I would ideally like to have a site that is closer, for easier, cheaper and more consistent access. So that I may spend more of my time researching and less time on the road. (Ocean View is situated 45 minutes and Delft is about 25 minutes from UCT).  I also am considering issues of personal safety when roaming about these spaces alone, especially if I do not have access to a consistently present translator.  Working in Delft and Ocean View, I do not have access to these kids’ school lives, which had proven to be quite problematic in my previous study: school-age children inevitably spend most of their time either at school, or involved in school-based activities. To consider the minimal aspects of the greater ecology that exists outside of the school sphere is invariably skipping out on a significant chunk of information.

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