City of Cape Town Co Design Workshops

I’ve just signed up for this initiative spear-headed by the City of Cape Town. And I would suggest that my fellow students and designers get involved. In their own words:

“The City of Cape Town is looking for design practitioners and students who would like to be actively involved in their World Design Capital 2014 programme, the City Ward Co-Design Workshops. This is your opportunity to learn more about the participatory methodologies, embrace design thinking as a way of working, and work closely with other citizens of Cape Town in a hands-on co-creation environment. The workshops bring together a cross-cutting group of stakeholders – NGOs, officials, business representatives, citizens, designers and Councillors – to creatively address a specific challenge in each Ward.

The Ward Projects are one of the key components of the City’s World Design Capital programme which aims to integrate design and design-led thinking into local government’s processes. Ward Projects are not new projects but rather bring new, participatory ways of working to smaller projects that would usually be carried out with ward allocations or other area-based funding sources e.g. park upgrades, public art, or more ambitious projects such as a youth centre or upgrade of a CBD. To do this, the department has initiated a series of more than 30 one-day co-design workshops, being held in local community halls all over the city until the end of the calendar year.

The City is inviting design practitioners across the range of creative disciplines – from engineers to arts activists – to participate in these workshops, not only to provide insight, but to demonstrate (by doing) the process of design thinking and aid other participants to express their ideas visually. Professional designers will be paid a small stipend for their time to attend a workshop, and preselected key designers will take away all the material from the day to synthesise into a concept design to be presented a few weeks later back to the Subcouncil, for which the remuneration is proportionately more. Students and volunteers will not be paid, but are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable opportunity for learning and personal growth.

To participate you should please register as a Design Practitioner here to be included on a Database of Designers, from which individuals will be selected according to their location, field, experience etc. (around 15 for each workshop) and contacted to determine availability.”

Go HERE to find out more and sign up.

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