Between 10&5 Creative Women Conference

Creative Women

One of the most intimidating things I’ve ever had to do in my life was waiting for me as soon as I returned from Vancouver – presenting at the 10&5 creative women conference. Many of my friends were surprised to hear that I was absolutely mortified of speaking in front of this particular audience, “but Anja, you go around the world and speak to absolutely strangers”. Sure, absolute strangers who subscribe to the same academic paradigm that I have found myself in. The reason why this was possibly such landmark event for me came down to the fact that I had to speak on my home turf, and in front of my peers and heroes (hello, Lauren Beukes) who don’t give a tiny rats ass about what Bourdieu has to say about anything. Long story short – I made it out alive.

And after getting my presentation over first thing, I was able to relax and soak up the amazingness of the rest of the line-up.

10&5 have always been one of my absolute favourite websites, run by some of my absolute favourite humans, and it was a complete honour and privilege to be considered among such a stellar line-up.

Highlights were Dope St Jude’s incredible sass: girl dropped her new video “brown baas” – which is a highly intellectual middle finger to the residual stereotypes cast by the vestiges of apartheid.

Penny Siopis’ soft-but-confidently-spoken inside into her process, and the history of her work,

Nkuki Mlangeni’s authentically heartfelt take on social innovation.
And I can’t even begin to talk about Lauren Beukes, cause I might fangirl myself into a frenzy.

Also check these dope lives illustrated notes by Alice Edy

IMG_8495-620x490 IMG_8516-620x491 IMG_8501-620x481 IMG_8508-620x493

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