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we need you

Welcome! If you’ve been linked to this page, you are one of the chosen few!

Mobi-folio is trying to bring the wonder of digital design, compositing and illustration to the masses – right on their mobile phones. We feel like a lot of people are excluded from making awesome things, just because they don’t have frequent access to super fancy computers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds mega lame to me.

In Africa, we’re pretty good at finding solutions to stupid problems that shouldn’t exist. M-Pesa revolutionized mobile banking in Kenya (we don’t need no banks!), South Africans invented the concept of Pay-as-you-go and the infamous “Please Call Me” (because not having money shouldn’t mean you can’t communicate), The Yoza project (previously M4Lit) has brought books to mobile phones (cause in South Africa we’re pretty book-poor, but very very mobile-rich), and  these are just the tip of the iceberg!

We figure that, being in discussion with innovative young South Africans, who use their mobile phones in all sorts of creative ways, we can get our heads around this problem, and come up with some pretty creative solutions. Our center specializes in that kind of thinking!

We have the support of Nokia Research, UCT’s center in Information and Communications Technologies 4 Development, some super talented computer nerds scientists, and hopefully YOU, designer person. Even if you currently don’t own a mobile phone – don’t worry, you’re still eligible!

How do you get involved? Simple…

1. You have to fill in this survey (you can win some stuff too) and that’s really it for now.

2. If we decide we would like you for our mission, we’ll contact you to invite you for a one-on-one interview. See this as your rockstar interview moment – you can take an hour to JUST TALK ABOUT YOURSELF. Plus there’s some airtime in it for you.

3. If you’ve gone through 1 and 2, and you aren’t sick of us yet. You’ll be hanging out with us, and others that were chosen, to start brainstorming on our mobile app. We’ll get pizzas, plastic toys, sticky notes, whatever, and build our dream mobile design application.  design workshop

Wanna make your own icons or clip-art to use on pictures? Wanna share these with your friends? wanna sell some artworks as wallpapers? Wanna draw a crown on your head cause you’re the motherflippin’ king/queen? We’ll come up with the ideas, sketch them out, throw some glitter on and pass them along to some Programming wizards. Then we’ll meet a few more times to play with what we’ve made to make sure it’s not a piece of junk, and brainstorm some more.


  • To not take up a significant amount of time – in total you will be invited to attend 3 or 4 workshops over the course of the entire year.
  • not to interfere with school work, work-work or your personal lives. You can stop helping us at any time if it’s too much (but we really hope you’ll stick around).
  • To make sure you’re not spending ANY money on helping us, we’ll cover your transport and airtime costs


  • You’ll be spending time with some cool people – and as a designer you should learn that the right contacts are the currency of your future.
  • did I mention Pizza at all the workshops? There are other perks too – you’ll just have to wait and see…
  • This is some real life design experience – you’ll definitely learn a lot.
  • You’ll be involved with an incredibly exciting, cutting edge project – and maybe even change the world


If you have any questions – ask them here:

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